Energizer Recharge® Battery Chargers


Imagine not having to buy batteries again and again. With Energizer Recharge® batteries, you’ll save money on batteries for your digital camera, handheld GPS device, toys, wireless gaming system, when compared to single-use batteries. And with battery chargers like our high-performance Energizer Recharge® Pro Charger and Energizer Recharge® 1 Hour Charger, you’ll be charged up in no time.

Charging Source
Charge Time

Energizer Recharge® Pro Charger

High-performance charging – and great savings over disposable batteries.

Battery Types: AA, AAA

Wall Outlet

3 Hours*

1 hour

Energizer Recharge® 1 Hour Charger

Charges all AA and AAA Energizer Recharge® batteries in 1 hour or less.

Battery Types: AA, AAA

Car and Wall Outlet

1 Hour or less


Energizer Recharge® Value Charger

Advanced features and affordability combine to create this great value.

Battery Types: AA, AAA

Wall Outlet

5 Hours


Energizer Recharge® Basic Charger

Great compact choice for saving money versus buying single-use batteries again and again.

Battery Types: AA, AAA

Wall Outlet

8 Hours

* 3 Hours for 1300 and 500 mAh only, 5 hours for all AA/AAA
5 Hours with 1300 and 500 mAh only, 9 hours for all AA/.AAA
8 Hours for 1300 and 500 only, 12 hours for all AA/AAA
§ 2 Hours for AA/AAA 1300 and 500, 3 hours for all AA/AAA/C/D, 9V is 6 hours
# 14 hours for all AA/AAA/C/D/9V