Energizer® Compact 2-in-1 Light with Light Fusion Technology™


Versatile and portable, the Energizer® Compact 2-in-1 Light with Light Fusion Technology™ is an area light AND spot light in one small, efficient package. Unique Light Fusion Technology delivers vibrant, uniform area light – plus the compact LED design fits easily into pockets, purses, drawers, gloveboxes, you name it.

Mode Light Output Run
Beam Distance Impact Resistant Water Resistant BatteriesWater Resistant
Spot 60 lumens 15 hours 1 meter IPX4
Area 60 lumens* 15 hours** IPX4
Mode Energizer Lumen Light Output Long Lasting Flashlight Batteries Durable and Impact Resitant Batteries
50 15h 1m resistant
*Light output measured from LED at 150 mA rms. Value is only applicable to the LED. Actual device light output may vary.
**Endpoint determined at 1% of initial value.

Product Details

  • Lightweight, compact LED design features both area and spot light in one versatile handheld light
  • Light Fusion Technology™ panel delivers vibrant, uniform area light for a variety of tasks
  • Compact LED light fits conveniently into drawers, bags, purses, pockets, tool boxes...
  • Features an integrated lanyard slot for easier handling
  • Includes 2 Energizer MAX® AAA batteries