Energizer® Keychain Light with Touch Tech™ Technology


The Energizer® Keychain Light with Touch Tech™ technology combines the latest patented technology for easy, intuitive use.  With the switchless innovation of Touch Tech™ technology, users get instant illumination and a bright, uniform beam just by grasping the light. Just release your grip when done using, and Touch Tech™ technology smoothly turns off the light. Touch Tech™ technology ensures that your light is never left on accidentally and helps extend battery life. With an impact-resistant construction, users get a durable experience suitable for a variety of tasks. Simply grab and go with the ultimate, easy-to-use flashlight from Energizer®.

Mode light outputLight Output run timeRun
beam distanceBeam Distance impact resistanceImpact Resistant water resistantWater Resistant
On 20 5 hours 10 meters 1 meter

Product Details

  • Switchless on/off touch power
  • Designed for maximum convenience – Grip the light for instant illumination and release to smoothly turn off
  • Compact size
  • Up to 1 meter impact resistant to withstand drop after drop
  • Excellent runtime
  • Bright, uniform light for a wide range of uses
  • Features LED technology
  • Operates on 2 CR2032 batteries (Includes 2 Energizer® CR2032 batteries)