Energizer® Weatheready® Compact LED Flashlight

Energizer Compact LED Light
Energizer Compact LED Light
Energizer Compact LED Flash Light
Energizer Compact LED Flash Light

This compact flashlight is flexible enough to run on either 2 or 4 AA batteries! Plus it’s built for durability – need a powerful, yet easy-to-pack flashlight that can stand up to less-than-perfect conditions? Congratulations, you’ve just found your flashlight…

Mode Light Output Run
Beam Distance Impact Resistant Water Resistant BatteriesWater Resistant
21 lumens 48 hours 27 meters

Product Details

  • Compact handheld flashlight provides bright white LED light and packs easily into bags, packs, etc.
  • Durable and reliable for use in any situation – runs for 48 hours on each set of batteries
  • Easy-to-operate slide switch
  • Non-slip rubber grip and head
  • LED bulbs never need to be replaced
  • Includes 2 Energizer MAX® AA batteries