Energizer® Pen Lights

Energizer Pen Light
The Energizer® Metal Pen lights are compact and lightweight which makes them easy to always have it on you to use whenever you need that extra light. Designed to provide users with bright directional illumination, the lights are great for use in close spaces. The built-in clip is a great additional feature to enable you to easily carry it. These pen lights are perfect for work or your DIY project and just to have on hand when you need that extra light.  
Energizer® LED Pen Light
  • Compact pen light provides bright white light and is handy to use almost anywhere
  • Stainless steel case minimizes damage from dropping or wear & tear
  • Pushbutton tail switch for one-handed operation
  • Steel clip holds securely to pocket, tool bag or briefcase
  • Stainless steel flashlight includes two AAA Energizer MAX® batteries

Mode Light OutputLight Output Run TimeRun
Beam DistanceBeam Distance Impanct ResistanceImpact Resistant Water ResistanceWater Resistant
35 lumens 20 hours 9 meters 1 meter