Coin Lithium Battery Safety

Prevent coin lithium battery injury babyPreventing Coin Lithium Battery Injury
Household electronics are smaller than ever. While devices such as mini remote controls, car key fobs and flameless candles are convenient and portable, they also pose an often unknown risk to young children. Many contain coin lithium batteries that can cause serious injury when swallowed. Children age 4 and under are at greatest risk.

If a coin lithium battery becomes stuck in the esophagus, while there may not be immediate symptoms, a chemical reaction can cause it to burn through the tissue in as little as two hours. Repair often requires multiple surgeries and ongoing medical care.

If you know or suspect that a child has swallowed a coin lithium battery, go to the emergency room immediately.

Quick Tip: Safety Packaging

For our 20mm lithium coin cell batteries, you’ll notice you need scissors to open the package.

This is because Energizer is proactively addressing the threat of battery ingestion among children.

Energizer is the first battery manufacturer to introduce coin lithium battery packaging that voluntarily complies with child-resistant packaging standards and recommendations made by the staff at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). We’re proud to help keep kids safe!

Energizer's Commitment

Leading the industry in coin lithium safety through:

Research Standards Child-Resistant products and packaging Awareness Efforts

For Emergencies DIAL 911