Energizer® Stranger Things Demogorgon Hunting Flashlight 

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The Limited-Edition Energizer® Stranger Things Demogorgon Hunting Flashlight is not only a practical and powerful flashlight but is also the perfect collector’s item for all Stranger Things fans. This LED flashlight harnesses enough power to see in the dark for up to 80 hours and is ideal for hunting the Demogorgon at night. Two alkaline D batteries are included to power this bright LED flashlight. With 150 lumens, this camping flashlight lights up to 90 meters, so you can brighten up Hawkins National Laboratory, even the Upside Down. Energizer brought back their classic 80’s look to create this retro silver flashlight. Equipped with laser-etched detailing, a classic yellow push button switch, a built-in ring hanger and a water-resistant ribbed body.

This D cell flashlight prominently features the official Hawkins National Laboratory Logo, so you know you’re getting the real deal. There is also morse code on the metal flashlight. Can you crack the code before it’s too late and the Demogorgon gets you? The hidden compartment of this large flashlight holds a secret message – you’ll never believe what it says! Discover who this flashlight belongs to with a special character signature. Be sure to tune into Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix to catch this Energizer flashlight in action! You can trust Energizer for reliable performance in any situation.

Energizer® Stranger Things Demogorgon Hunting Flashlight
Stranger Things Flashlight
  • One (1) Energizer® Stranger Things Limited-Edition Demogorgon Hunting LED Flashlight, 2 D Batteries (Alkaline) included
  • LED light bulb is powerful enough to shine brightly for up to 80 hours, making this long lasting flashlight from Energizer perfect for hunting Demogorgons at night
  • 50 lumens LED Energizer flashlight shines up to 90 meters to light your path as you venture through Hawkins and the Upside Down
  • With a vintage look, this LED retro flashlight features laser-etched detailing, a yellow push button switch, a built-in ring hanger and water-resistant ribbed body
  • Hawkins National Laboratory Logo and special character signature tells you who this flashlight belongs to
  • Morse code on the flashlight has an urgent message for you to crack before the Demogorgon gets you
  • Secret compartment reveals a hidden message
  • Trust in the Energizer Brand for unparalleled power and reliability
  • See FCC Statement